What Job Seekers Need to Know About Finding Jobs in Denver

There has never been a better time to look for a job or contact an employment agency in Denver. We have a very low unemployment rate, which means most people who want to be working, are. This means companies are becoming more competitive in attracting and maintaining their current staff, creating a “job seekers market.”

Ask for what you really want.

Employers want to know what you want. A trend among the millennials seeking jobs in Denver is that of a priority of culture over income. It’s not that salary isn’t important, but rather other factors, such as commute, work flexibility, training and growth opportunities, and overall corporate culture can outweigh the bigger salary amounts.
If you are concerned only about the salary, say so. If not, ask for what you really want and see if it matches your long-term employment goals.

Interview the hiring company.

If you are working full time, but are open to considering other options, you are part of the ‘passive job seekers’ that Denver employment agencies want to know about when they talk to you. Consider listing yourself as a prospective job seeker, along with your skills and education with a respected Denver staffing agency. Capturing a job in Denver can be as simple as an employment agency contacting you to “throw” you into their clients’ pool of candidates for specific vacancies. This can be a win-win as it allows you to interview the hiring company as much as they interview you.

Stand out from the crowd.

It is estimated that employers receive up to 250 applications for every job post they make. This means standing out among the crowd of those looking for a job in Denver is a top priority. If an employment opportunity arises, find ways to show how you meet the position’s requirements better than others. Be prepared to interview well, make a good impression, and be sure that your resume easily answers the problems the employer is looking to solve.

If you are in search of a job in Denver or the surrounding areas, let Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) help you find your right fit. CNS is a leader in staffing, staff augmentation, and contract management by acting as a sole human resource provider for our clients. When you become part of our team, you become part of the best and brightest Denver offers, which is just what our clients are looking for. Contact us at 303-430-1441, and we’ll work to make it a right fit for you and our clients.

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