Top Jobs Created by COVID in Colorado

The COVID-19 pandemic has created both turmoil and opportunities. While some Coloradans have seen their jobs disappear during this time, others are finding remote positions. Because of this, many new jobs are being created to serve the needs of the growing remote workforce.

Some of the new employment opportunities we have been staffing include those in customer service, essential industries, and administration.

Call Centers and Customer Service

Call centers are growing to handle the questions and concerns of clients, students, or the general public who need help and don’t have access to a physical location due to closures.

In general, call centers have a mix of remote workers, staff rotation, or socially distanced office space in order to meet these growing needs. For example, a local school district hired customer service personnel to help field questions relating to online learning.

IT Positions

IT and IT-related positions such as technical support, database administration, and IT project managers are also rising. These employees support companies who are using remote workers and holding frequent or large-scale virtual events and meetings.

IT support is needed more than ever to help with managing a remote workforce, customer interactions, employee meetings, and even online schooling. For many organizations, the reliance on virtual platforms has significantly increased, and with it, the demand for support staff.

HR Positions

We are also seeing positions in HR opening. Leave Coordinators, Benefits Managers, and those dealing with unemployment benefits, processing FMLA, dealing with FFCRA/COVID leave, handling layoffs, or Hiring Managers are all popular right now.

Other Essential Industries

Other workers who have stayed busy during this time with increased demands for service are still looking for both skilled workers and support staff. Working with a staffing agency helps match workers’ transferable skills with employers with vacancies to fill.

Let Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) help you find your next position in a new industry or with a company that is growing. Acting as their Human Resource team, we are trusted and relied upon to provide the best and brightest talent. Contact us at 303-430-1441, and discover why our clients come to us to fill their staffing needs and get started in your new career faster.

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