Top 7 Reasons Why Job Seekers Use A Temp Staffing Agency

We often get asked from job seekers why they should use a staffing agency. Our main response is, “Why wouldn’t you?” But because this question exists, it tells us that what we offer isn’t readily understood. If you want to know why past and current job seekers are using staffing agencies to find their next position, read on.

There is no charge to you

Staffing agencies are paid by employers who are looking to fill vacancies. You pay nothing to be included in the pool, and if you are a good fit for one of their clients (the employers), you will be given the opportunity to interview and/or work for them.

It’s more than temp work

Many job seekers ignore staffing agencies because they think the company only offers temporary work positions. While many staffing agencies do place temporary workers, others place temp-to-hire, contract, and direct hire permanent positions.

Income during your search

Even if a job seeker isn’t looking for temp work, there are times when taking a temporary position is a win-win. Having income come in while further opportunities are explored can help the job seeker with cash needs until the right position becomes available.

Temp work provides opportunities

Sometimes a temp position can become a permanent one when employers see a demonstration of work ethic and cultural fit. Employers will sometimes use a staffing agency to fill a vacancy to buy themselves time to find a perfect fit, which could be you.

Training and skill building

A temp position can provide additional training and skills that can be added to your resume to make it stronger and increase interest for potential employers in the future.

Access to more jobs

Many employers won’t make a job vacancy public, but rather go to the developed relationship with their staffing agency to fill it. This means you will have access to more jobs, and likely less competition for those jobs, by working with a staffing company.

Great for testing the waters

For employers, using a temp-to-hire solution allows them to “try before they buy”, and you can do the same. Try temp positions in a different industry or organizational structure to explore potential new interests, skills, and jobs. If you’ve thought about switching gears, using a staffing agency could be a great place to start, and build skills towards your new career.

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