The Value of a Denver Employment Agency

Denver Employment Agency that Understands Today’s Market

Job seekers are fighting for employment opportunities in today’s highly competitive job market. (We see this often a provider of Denver employments solutions.) They are submitting endless online applications and uploading resumes with as much energy as a part-time job of its own. And it’s not just job seekers that are being overwhelmed with job postings and boards. Employers are having a hard time connecting to the best candidates. They are getting flooded with resumes from candidates that are unqualified or who don’t follow through with them. While candidates are finding job postings that have already expired, employers are still struggling to fill vacancies.

The Role of a Denver Employment Agency for Employers

Locally-sourced talent acquisition is one of the top ways employers are simplifying the recruitment process. Rather than sorting through dozens of Craigslist respondents, employers can now have interviews with top candidates provided by a Denver employment agency.

The employment agency sorts through responses, applications and resumes to find candidates who will meet or exceed the requirements of the position. This process can mean less time and money lost on unqualified candidate interviews.

Excellent employment agencies have their finger on the pulse of the job market and have a reach greater than most employers have the time for. They know the ins and outs of hiring and know what works and doesn’t to recruit talent.

By providing candidates, rather than simply obtaining applicants, a Denver employment agency can cut the time needed to fill a position. Because the Denver employment agency has vetted the applicants, the employer will likely only being seeing candidates that fit the role best. Additionally, the candidates who are interviewed will likely have high skill sets, more so than those who are not pre-screened.

The Role of a Denver Employment Agency for Job Seekers

Staffing agencies want candidates to be high quality because they get paid when the employee is placed. They also typically offer some sort of guarantee for the hire, therefore it is critical to their bottom line for the candidate to be a good fit all around. This creates a win-win-win situation.

The job seeker will likely be given resume revisions, interview support and even job skill training. The employer will be able to interview a candidate who is truly qualified and able to do the job at hand. An employment agency can help by getting paid for the effective placement.

The quality job seeker who uses a Denver employment agency will stand out from the crowd of dozens of resumes being pushed through the internet. The agency will promote them to their clients and will work to support their efforts in obtaining work.

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