Thank You Letter Tips for Interviewees

If you have been interviewing for a job, you are likely not the only candidate being interviewed for the same position. You’ve probably already discovered that standing out as the best job candidate takes some work. You need to have a good resume and complete application, do well in the interview, and, we suggest, sending a thank you letter to the person who interviewed you.

While a good thank you note doesn’t require as much skill as creating a resume, it could make as much of an impact as one. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to send one, and some thank you letter tips and best practices to make sure you make a positive wave.

Why You Should Consider Sending a Thank You Note

Less than 25% of job seekers send a thank you note after an interview, which means if you do choose to send one, you will stand out for the effort. And, according to a survey of HR Managers, 80% of hiring managers said thank you cards were helpful.

Thank you notes build additional rapport, and because of when they arrive- usually after all interviews have been conducted, it is a great reminder to hiring managers who you are and how you are different, all things considered.

Thank You Letter Tips

Email or Snail Mail?

You can choose to send your Thank You letter by email or snail mail, whichever seems more appropriate. Large corporations where a thank you note may never get to the interviewer may better be sent through email. Small, family owned businesses may appreciate a mailed card.

Typed or Hand-written?

Again, choose what makes the most sense for the culture of the position you are applying for. If your handwriting is poor and not needed for the job, type it. If applying for an admin job where handwritten notes are sent to clients weekly, handwrite it.

Consider both the type of work, and the expectations while also demonstrating a skill valuable for the job at hand.

What do I say?

Sometimes looking at a blank page or empty greeting card can cause panic. What do you say that is good but not sappy, professional yet warm? An online search of greeting card expressions, or a walk through the greeting card aisle at the grocery store will help you find the perfect follow up message for your thank you letter.


Looking for more? Here are some interviewing tips to consider.

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