Suddenly Laid Off? Here’s What to Do Next

Even in the best of times, our job security can be tenuous, depending on the profession. Recent events worldwide have made everyone more aware that anything can happen, and no one wants to be unprepared.

There are many steps that can be taken to ensure peace of mind in these situations. With the workforce evolving out of necessity as a response to this pandemic, there are more solutions available every day that could revolutionize how you work.

Being prepared and ready for any outcome gives you peace of mind so that you can focus on your work and not eventualities. There are steps to take to ready yourself professionally, as well as ways to adjust thinking to turn an unexpected layoff into a positive factor in our growth, rather than a setback.

Your resume is your best professional friend

Keep your resume up-to-date at all times, editing and saving, or emailing it to your personal documents so that you have a digital copy that you don’t have to rewrite without warning. In the aftermath of a layoff, our minds can be overwhelmed or even numb, and this state isn’t the most conducive to making sure you remember your most recent accomplishments at work.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is kept up-to-date, as well as your social media sites. Ask for recommendations, testimonials, and make sure your profile picture is recent.

Create a business card and keep networking

Get your business card updated or print one. Make sure it’s concise with accurate contact information. Network when possible, make contacts within your profession, and in those that support your role.

The benefit of connecting with others in this capacity is that there will be more opportunities for recommendations to job prospects and resources when needed.

Don’t sign anything yet!

If you receive a severance letter make sure you read it over with a calm mind before signing anything. If allowed, take it home to read it over and discuss it with your loved ones. Being impetuous doesn’t help in stressful situations.

Know your rights and how they work in your state, and understand what you’re signing and how it can affect your future employment. Talk with HR. Clarify if there’s severance and how much, as well as what happens with your benefits.

Process your emotions and move forward

This could be an important stepping stone to a brighter future! Remain positive and realize that this opportunity could move you closer to your goals and take your career to the next level.

Make sure that you have people to lean on and talk with when you’re going through difficult emotions, and reach out for tips, ideas, and support. While it’s hard sometimes to see the silver lining in such a situation, remember that it’s how you handle a setback that is important, rather than the event itself. Take a deep breath and avoid knee-jerk reactions.

With preparation, you can look at an unexpected layoff with a positive outlook and use it as a launching point for better opportunities. There will be facets we didn’t expect as the world and workforce change and adapt. Being prepared and not caught off-guard can contribute to confidence and assurance in our abilities.

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