Should You Work While on Vacation?

While the whole concept of vacation is to get a break from work, there may be reasons to check in once in a while or take some work with you on your time out of the office and away from the everyday grind. In fact, those who take work with them on vacation aren’t automatically considered workaholics – there are some good reasons for doing so. 

There have been surveys to show the benefits, and detriments of taking your work on vacation with you, so let’s review them. 

Yes, take your work with you

For some people, the anxiety of not knowing that something is being handled in their absence can absolutely ruin the peace the vacation is meant to provide. If you have a big project or client in the works, checking in isn’t such a bad idea. Be sure to communicate to all relevant parties that you aren’t available and when you will be back, but feel free to settle your anxiety by checking on the progress of an important element of your work while you are away.

 With technology advancements that allow for conference calls with professional backdrops, you can have an important meeting from just about anywhere. This can work in your favor if you allow yourself to take a vacation even when pressing “fires” want to keep you in the office.  Instead, plan to use technology to take care of the most urgent needs, while also still allowing you to have your time away.

No, leave your work at home

Bringing work with you on vacation could mean you get stuck doing more than you intended. That pressing fire could become an inferno that you now have to solve, at the cost of your (and your family’s) emotional health.

 The main concern with taking work with you on vacation is the habit of dismissing self-care. Vacations should support rest to help counteract burnout. So, while working on vacation is okay in small doses, it is recommended to take the break you have earned, and need, to help you be more successful when you return. 

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