Preparing for a Video Interview

Video interviews are a near necessity in today’s current climate, but they are also used when travel or relocation would be required. Some companies are even using them to allow for easier scheduling with otherwise busy staff who can’t be onsite. In these cases, a video interview is likely the way you will introduce yourself to what you hope to be your future employer.

Many of us are now learning how to maximize online technology in this time of social distancing. However, most of us have never done a video interview and therefore don’t know what to expect.  Here are a few simple rules to follow when being interviewed online to help you feel confident and increase the likelihood of being hired.

Appearance Matters

Unlike an in-person meeting where you show up to the interviewer’s location, a video interview practically invites them into your home. Set up your camera and test the sound and video surroundings. If you need to move for better lights or less distracting background, do that prior to the meeting.

Doing the interview in your jammies with your toddler jumping on the couch behind you is not an exercise in good decision making. Find a location free of distractions and background noise that could make communication difficult. Dress appropriately, just as you would for a face-to-face. Not only will you look professional and prepared, but you will feel as though you are – critical for confidence.

Remain Professional

It has been found that when conducting video interviews employers notice that the interviewee will begin professionally, speaking articulately.  However, as time goes on, they begin to become too relaxed and speak as though they are talking to someone on social media rather than to someone they plan to work for.

Be sure to maintain your professionalism throughout the entire interview, just as if you were sitting in the office with a potential employer. Even though the interview is digital, both parties will still pick up on social cues. Act as genuinely as you would in an in-person interview and know that it’s okay if it is your first time doing a video interview.

Research the Company

Don’t think that because you are not in the office with the interviewer that you can do research as the interview is occurring. They can see your face and tell if you are reading off your computer screen and can hear if you are typing, trying to google a quick fact. Be present in your interview, maintaining eye contact and having knowledge of the company and the position you are interested in.

Be Ready for Technology Issues

Agree to a different process ahead of time in your technology fails you.  Remember that sometimes your video can be off while your audio remains on. Know the appropriate etiquette in using mute, chat, and video, and assume you are always on, whether or not you think so.

Swearing or otherwise being angry, frustrated, or emotional when you think the sound or video is off could be a mistake. Handle any technical issues with proactive solutions and grace. A video interview is really not significantly different than an in-person interview in regard to how to present your best self. If you need help with the technology, ask ahead of time so you can feel confident and ready to do your best.

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