Looking for Seasonal Work? Here are Some Tips to Help You Find the Right Fit

Seasonal workers love the opportunity to generate some extra funds during high demand times, increasing the competition for seasonal jobs. Retailers, hospitality, landscaping, to name a few, typically look to temporary staffing agencies to fill vacancies during their busy seasons.

Often, these employers begin recruiting to fill these needs several months before demand is high so they can train employees and build successful schedules. For example, retailers and the like looking to hire for the winter holiday season will begin their hiring process in late September or early October.

Here are some tips to help you find the right seasonal job for you:

  • Get Clear. Consider the type of work you are interested in and then find a staffing company that provides temporary workers to the industry(ies) you are looking for. Search for “seasonal” or “temporary” when looking online.
  • Be Excited. Attitude is everything when it comes to getting the job. Stay positive and focus on the traits the employer is looking for, including willingness and ability to work as a team and with a variety of people.
  • Be Ready. Read the job description and be prepared to talk about your experience and how you are a good fit for the job. Talk about how your skills match their needs.
  • Apply Early. Remember, recruiters and employers hire early for the season. Apply 2-3 months before you are needed to get in on the first round of interviews and training opportunities.
  • Communicate. Be sure to let your employer know if you have another job or other standing commitments. Making sure your availability is known is very important for the position to be a win-win.
  • Build. Treat the job as a learning opportunity where you can build new skills to bring to your next job, or back to your full-time employment. Who knows what doors may open when you are willing to grow and learn.

Are you looking for seasonal or temporary work? Let CNS (Colorado Network Staffing) help.

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