How to Stay Ahead of Staffing Holes in Your Business

As any business owner knows, your labor pool is a very fluid part of your company. Employees come and go, change careers, or move on for one reason or another. Even the most loyal employees age and retire or become unable to do the tasks necessary to continue working.

Economists are warning business owners that the trend of the continually shrinking labor force will greatly affect their ability to acquire qualified talent. The number of skilled workers coming into the workforce does not match the many openings being left by the now retiring Baby Boomers. As time goes by, the holes in your staffing make it difficult to keep up with your customer needs and can slow your company’s growth.

A recent survey done by Talent Tech Labs found that the number one concern for companies that hire more than 1,000 people per year, is the notable skills shortage. You can begin to solve this problem by having a realistic forecast as to what your shortfall, as well as long-term staffing needs, will be. 

Evaluate how your company is doing at acquiring the labor necessary to reach your goals by asking yourself the 4 following questions:

Have I Made the Culture of My Brand Visible and Appealing?

Just like attracting customers, making the culture associated with your brand appealing will attract future employees. Skilled workers do their homework when considering what employment opportunities will be the best fit for them. Your brand needs to resonate with the type of employees who will fit your culture, mission, and values.

Be active on social media and create a presence that projects the image of a growing, well-run business that is an exciting place to work. This is a way of going beyond a simple job description to attract potential employees.

Am I Being Proactive in My Efforts to Gain Skilled Workers?

Recruiting is one of the best ways to acquire the skilled labor necessary for your company to reach the goals you have set. Scout for talent continually. This can be done online, at networking events, and even social gatherings. Remember many qualified workers aren’t actively looking for work, as they are already employed. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be open to another opportunity should it present itself.

Use social media to reach out to a larger number of qualified workers, but should you come across an excellent candidate, be proactive by asking them to apply. Sometimes a simple one-on-one approach is all it takes.

Is My Benefits Package Competitive?

According to most studies, over 75% of all potential employees carefully take into consideration the benefits they will receive upon taking a job when choosing one. You should research what competing companies are offering their employees, and do as well or better. 

Ask prospective employees what benefits they would most value and do your best to provide those. These aren’t always just medical benefits and days off. Get creative and offer “bring your dog to work day”, or give an option to work from home a certain number of days… whatever will attract the type of employee you desire.

What extra perks can or do I offer?

Extra perks can include such things as offering childcare, having an onsite restaurant or coffee shop, or even having raffles for things like movie tickets or gift cards. Perks can make the work environment fun, reduce stress, and build morale. While they may incur some costs, if they can retain employees longer, or offer more appeal to your ideal candidate, then consider it – especially if it beats the cost of rehiring.

Other perks can include the ability to work more flexible hours, work in an open-concept office, or get paid days for volunteering in the community. Creativity and promotion of these additional perks can help you attract and keep your employees, which in turn allows you to better serve your customers.  

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