How to Get an Interview In 30 Seconds

A good resume and cover letter will catch the eye of a potential employer, hiring agent, or recruiter in 30 seconds or less. People trained in providing staffing solutions for their companies will scan for specific items in resumes; they don’t have the time to connect the dots between what you are saying and what they are seeking. Simply said, if it doesn’t include the terms, qualifications, requirements, and skills they are wanting to see in an easy-to-read way, you will not get an interview.

The goal of your resume, then, is to pre-qualify yourself for the position so you can get an interview, showcase yourself, and receive a job offer. Therefore, your resume needs to be compelling, so the reviewer schedules an interview with you.

How to Build a Compelling Resume

Contact Information. First, all resumes need to have your contact details. Don’t let the details become outdated. Make sure you have your first and last name, phone number and e-mail address listed. You will also want to include the city and state of your mailing address. It is important not just for the interview style (in person or video), but many employers also want to know if you are local or will be relocating for the position.

Skill Set. Second, keep your potential employer in mind and list jobs, skills, and experience as it is directly related to the job for which you are applying. Use the job description to include the keywords and phrases the employer used. By listing your exact skills in line with the qualifications, your likelihood of getting the interview. Focus on your employer’s needs, not yours.

Remember to include volunteer work, awards, and other accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to do the job well and the characteristics that demonstrate the values you share with your potential employer. Don’t forget skills related to hobbies or social activities such as sports, languages, and education that demonstrate teamwork, communication, or other soft skills.

Success. When you get an interview, you will likely give examples of proven successes, so why not include them on your resume? For each area of skill as appropriate, offer a specific story. For example, “In this position, I was required to stock shelves according to SKU’s and assemble plan-o-grams, which both required attention to detail and the ability to follow directions without supervision.”

Goals. Finally, state what you hope to achieve in your pursuit of this position. Give the employer information about your desire to find a career path, explore management opportunities, develop leadership, and more. When you get an interview, restate these goals in a way that shows confidence and enthusiasm for the opportunity.

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