How to Follow Up with an Email After a Job Interview

It is a good practice to thank potential employers for taking the time to interview you, especially if you are looking to stand out and make a good impression. You can do this by sending a handwritten thank you note, or, in today’s faster-paced economy, you can send an email.

While you have likely sent thousands of emails or messages in your life, you probably haven’t done very many thank you follow-up emails, so this article will offer some practical advice for making a positive impression.

Tip 1: Get the right information

When you are being interviewed, ask the interviewer for their card and make sure their email address is listed. If not, ask for it. It will not be helpful to send a follow-up email to the wrong address or person. Show you are detail-oriented by confirming the email address and asking when you should expect to hear from them with their decision.

Tip 2: Jot some notes

Immediately following the interview, when your memory is sharpest, write down a few notes from the interview, including something you may be able to reference in the follow-up note that shows you were listening and interested. For example, mentioning something you learned or something that really made an impact on you.

Tip 3: Be detailed

Your interviewer likely saw other candidates in addition to you, so be detailed and avoid assumptions by stating what position you are applying for and thanking them for their time. Be clear in the subject line of the email with a message such as: “Follow up from job candidate ‘your name’”, or, “Thank you for your time”, or “following up in regards to ‘XYZ’ position”.

Tip 4: Give thanks and more

In the body of the email, thank them again for their time, and let them know you are interested in the position. If anything was said in the interview that was of particular interest, bring it up. Share about your experience and how it relates to anything in the position, for example how that specific company’s values align with your life.

Tip 5: Close well

Close by again thanking the employer and letting them know any relevant information such as your willingness to start work right away. Give them permission to ask additional questions if needed, and provide contact information so they don’t have to search through resumes again in order to contact you.

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