How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Never has it been more important to have a professional social media profile than now, when millions of Americans are out of work and looking for a new opportunity. While many of these people may be returning to jobs they love, others may be taking this time to reevaluate where they want to take their career.

Employers have more access than ever to potential candidates due to the ability to search and find them on social media. LinkedIn is one of the best places to show your professional side and be found. Here are some tips for making it (and other social media profiles) the best it can be.

Start with a great photo

A professional headshot is ideal for LinkedIn, but it may not always make sense for your industry. A clear photo of your friendly face, taken in good lighting is sufficient. An up-to-date photo is ideal. It would be a shame to walk into an interview as a mature adult while your profile picture shows you at prom.

Write a clear headline

A headline is the part of the text that is right under your name and photo. Say something here about being a job seeker and the type of work you are looking for. Be specific, such as noting you want full-time employment as an HR administrator, versus simply “open to opportunities in a corporate environment”. Avoid emojis or symbols and use correct punctuation and grammar.

Let recruiters know you are available

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to let recruiters know you are available for contact. This feature can be set to private, so your boss doesn’t see, but staffing agencies can. Or, it can be set to public when you are unemployed or actively looking for work.

Complete the About section

Maximize the profile space by completing each section to its fullest. Use the LinkedIn About section to get more specific about the type of work you are looking for and why. Share about your successes, personality traits, and other relevant information that may not be highlighted in your work history or volunteer experience.

Pat yourself of the back

If you have any special awards, recognitions, publications, or accolades, don’t be shy about sharing them. LinkedIn offers several areas to share links and information about all the great things you have done. Let them shine!

List your experience

This is where your information can begin to look like a resume – and it should! List job history and the skills you have to show potential employers what you can offer. On your tangible resume, include a link URL to your LinkedIn profile so they can see the additional work you have done. Use your profile as a portfolio.

Ask for endorsements and recommendations

Social proof is an important part of your profile that helps build credibility. Ask those you have worked for, or with, to endorse you for certain traits. Recommendations can be requested from those who are raving fans and act as testimonials to who you are as a person and your skillset.

Network with others

Finally, use LinkedIn to connect with others in your industry to see what opportunities may exist for introductions and job openings. Many vacant positions are known before any work has been done to fill it. Who you know matters, so leverage your network now more than ever.

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