How is the Job Market in Colorado?

The Denver Business Journal reported in December 2016 that Denver is ranked second nationally for job seekers. This means the job market in Colorado is hotter than ever. The ranking was determined based on the combination of unemployment rate, employed population growth and median full-time earnings. Both Denver and Aurora made the list of top 20 (Source: DBJ Job Market in Colorado is Red Hot).

Relocating to Colorado?

If you are considering relocating to Colorado, it is important to know where to go for job placement. The job market has staffing agencies in Colorado busy. Employment agencies are a great place to start as they will typically offer connections to companies you may not have access to elsewhere.

The job market in Colorado is creating competition among employers who are actively looking for qualified employees and attracting them with higher pay, benefits and bonuses. With the recent legislation raising Denver’s minimum wage, there is no better time to find a job in Colorado.

“Employers are having a difficult time filling job openings. They have a ton of openings, but can’t find anyone to fill them.” — The Denver Post

The Top Hiring Industries

The hot job market in Colorado includes all of types of employees; however, the following industries are the highest in demand:

Engineering and Technical Services

This includes government and commercial needs for technical engineers, including electrical engineers, architects, structural engineers, mechanical design. They are needed in a variety of locations.

Administrative Services

General office support, executive assistants, customer service representatives, data entry clerks, HR managers and healthcare administrative staff are always in demand. Employers like the opportunity to find the right fit by using temp and temp-to-hire staff and they turn to employment agencies to fill this need.

Accounting and Financial

The demand for accounting clerks, payroll staff, budget analysts, medical billing and coding, as well as other financial support staff is high. These high trust positions require quality candidates and employers look to staffing agencies in Denver to vet job seekers and fill these roles.


Colorado offers multiple employment opportunities within the government sector. Aerospace, aviation, bioscience, and energy are just a few of the industries looking for personnel. Technicians, managers and support staff in the areas of construction, purchasing, engineering, project and contract management, finance, facilities, and IT need to be filled in government positions.

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