How COVID-19 Has Changed Hiring and Recruiting

As 2019 came to a close, unemployment rates were lower than they had been in years. COVID-19 changed all that, throwing record numbers of workers into unemployment. With unemployment bonus checks ending, it seems the candidate pool is becoming very large once again. Does this mean employers no longer need to focus on recruiting?

No. In fact, whether or not your business is currently hiring, a recruiting strategy should always be in place. While America’s employment situation has changed, on-going recruiting strategies are still critical. Active and passive efforts to find the best and brightest talent is relevant whether there are four candidates or 400.


Recruiting Strategies Post COVID

It may not make sense to run employment ads right now, but winning talent should always be a priority. With this in mind consider:

Social Media Presence. Now is a great time to solidify your social media presence and website. More people have time to perform company research and will find their way to your digital presence.

Use LinkedIn to showcase your business and key players so potential candidates can see more of the company’s structure. Be sure to have information about your core values, mission/vision, product and service offerings, and who you serve so future employees get a good understanding of your business.

Culture. While social media shows potential customers and candidates what you stand for, your culture should demonstrate your values internally. Whether your business is working in a remote environment, live, or a mixture of both, your culture must represent the business authentically.

This may be a good time to ask for employee testimonials, conduct employee satisfaction surveys, and make changes for new hires.

COVID Safety. If interacting with the public, you likely already have COVID safety precautions in place. However, you should communicate with potential employees how you are handling current working conditions. This will help attract quality candidates afraid of re-entry and create an expectation for interviewing and working conditions.

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