How 2018 Changes to Labor Laws Will Affect Job Seekers in Denver

Last year saw several changes in labor laws, most notably an increase in minimum wage. How do these changes affect the job market and job seekers in Denver? Let’s look at what has gone into effect and what can be expected in the future.

Denver’s Minimum Wage Increase

With the passing of Amendment 70 in Colorado in 2016, the minimum wage for job seekers in Denver will be incrementally increasing to $12 by 2020. In 2018, it sits at $10.20, up ninety cents per hour over last year.

Colorado is one of eighteen states that raised their minimum wage, and is in the top 10 of states with the highest minimum wage rates. Minimum wage studies show there is typically some sort of ripple effect to higher wage employees who receive an increase due to their additional skill level or title.

It’s important to know a good, expected range of pay for the positions you desire as they may be different from the area from which you are relocating. Employment agencies are an excellent source of this kind of information.

MMJ Use Can Be a Terminable Offense

A recent Denver Post article shared that the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employer drug policies can override medical marijuana laws. This means job seekers in Denver who use legal medical or recreational marijuana, even off duty, can be terminated if employment policies state positive drug tests result in termination.

This can be an advantage for job seekers in Denver who are drug-free and looking for quality employment opportunities.

Upcoming: Predictive Scheduling Laws & Paid Leave Laws

While job seekers in Denver haven’t yet seen predictive scheduling and paid leave laws take effect, as they have in other areas, they should be expecting them. San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City are just a few metro areas that have begun implementing these employee laws designed to create more stability for workers.

Being a job seeker can be hard, but Denver, and the surrounding areas, have a lot to offer to quality candidates looking for their happy, healthy workplace.

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