Staffing Agencies Help Companies Find Employees During COVID and Beyond

As we all continue to adjust to the impact COVID has had on our lives, businesses, and relationships, we are finding a new normal. CNS (Colorado Network Staffing) is taking this time to focus on our current clients and supporting them with the different types of needs they are facing right now.

Helping Businesses Who Are Hiring

Overall, companies are still hiring, even extending their contracts with us deep into 2021 as they continue to look for the right people to fill vacancies. Despite COVID, employees are vacating positions because they choose to relocate, deal with changes with their families (like the need for homeschooling), and more.

Hiring companies are finding themselves in a place to either sort through too many candidates or struggle to find qualified candidates for higher-skilled positions. They are also needing to fill positions that didn’t exist before the pandemic, such as human resource case managers to handle COVID prevention and address COVID matters.  

Staffing agencies place ads, sort through applicants, conduct background checks and preliminary interviews, and more. This has always been an asset to companies looking to hire, but now it is even more critical for companies who are likely dealing with other HR issues such as leave management, unemployment, and staffing for social distancing. It also helps screen candidates, so there is less live exposure to those who may not be a good fit.

Helping Candidates Seeking Employment

As some businesses and industries have been hit harder by the pandemic than others, employees may find themselves needing to break into new industries and careers. Hiring agents are experts at finding talent with transferable skills and knowledge to match the right candidates with the best employers.

Candidates with employee gaps caused by COVID or those needing to change industries or careers can benefit from working with a staffing agency.

Looking for your best and brightest team members? Let CNS (Colorado Network Staffing) help you with recruiting and obtaining talent in this competitive market. As a sole human resource provider for our clients, we save you time, energy, and money by providing experience, resources, and top-level management for your staffing needs. Contact us today at 303-430-1441.

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