Denver Staffing Series: Should I Hire or Use a Temp?

Especially in retail jobs, we often hear and see the need for temporary employees during peak seasons such as the holidays. However, in an office setting, it may be harder to determine when you need a direct hire or permanent employee versus a temporary one.

Reasons to Consider When Using a Temp

Many companies consider temporary employees from Denver staffing agencies when they have specific projects that need additional support, to fill a gap when an employee is on leave, or to “try out” a position or person before making a full transition. Using a temp employee allows a company to make changes to staffing quickly without the time and legalities of hiring a permanent placement employee.

The rate of pay for a temporary employee is typically higher than a direct hire, mostly due to staffing company fees, worker’s compensation, and employment taxes being added to their hourly rate. In several cases, however, employers report the benefits far outweigh the cost. Some of these benefits include:

  • Quick Response: A direct hire can take weeks to months to hire but temporary workers can be placed quickly for immediate needs and employment gaps.
  • Less Paperwork: A staffing agency has completed all paperwork such as W-2, I-9 and even background checks in some cases. Often, you simply sign a contract; no other paperwork is needed.
  • Improved productivity: It can boost productivity by having an extra hand on a project, or by eliminating downtime when an employee isn’t able to do a job.
  • Work Ethic: Temporary employees demonstrate their work ethic, allowing you to essentially see their job performance in a way the interviewing process alone can’t.
  • Reduced Risk: The employment agency that provides the worker is responsible for remitting taxes, paying unemployment, and worker’s compensation insurance, benefits (when applicable), and sometimes even performing drug and background checks. They take the risk as the employer, so you don’t have to.
  • Better recruiting: By using a Denver staffing company, the hiring — from ad placement to qualifying, to interviewing, and documentation — is done for you. You can save time, money, and hassles, and can choose to bring a temp onboard after you have determined they are the right fit.

Recruiting Permanent Staff Through Temp Agencies

There is a rising trend in temporary workers being used by companies looking to fill permanent positions. Many companies utilize staffing agencies to help them with the process by providing pre-screened candidates. This can help them avoid the high costs associated with turn-overs and attraction/recruitments.

Employers don’t have the time to screen the average 250 applicants for a job position, and with turnover costs estimated to be equal to the positions annual salary, it’s no wonder why they want employment agencies to do the work.

Often when hiring, we have seen candidates with impressive résumés fail to perform or fit in cultures as expected, while those who may have been looked over in the ocean of résumés be the right fit. Utilizing a staffing company in Denver allows organizations to see past the résumé and right into the candidate’s work ethic, skills, cultural fit, and more.

Overall, if the employee you are looking for is expected to work for more than a year, a temp-to-hire situation may be ideal for you.

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