Denver Staffing Series: Employee Onboarding and Core Human Needs

Employee onboarding has been a topic addressed by HR professionals likely since the department was established. Questions around human capital management will continue to evolve as technology, laws, and employee characteristics change. Such timeless questions include:

  • How do we attract quality candidates?
  • How do we retain employees?
  • How do we train new employees?
  • How can we get new hires up to speed fast?

The answers to these questions on staffing solutions will change, depending on several factors. Motivational speaker and business success coach Tony Robbins says two of our core human needs include needing both certainty — that is the need for consistency and stability — as well as variety, which is the need for challenges and excitement. (Source: 6 Core Human Needs by Tony Robbins)

If we apply this concept to employee onboarding, including attraction, retention, and training, we can see the need for newer thoughts and applications in our tried and true methods.

How do you attract quality candidates? Start by understanding their motivation. Regardless of their generational habits – baby boomers need for significance, gen X’s need for stability, Y’s need for flexibility (see more on multigenerational workforce here) — as humans, they want variety and consistency, and this may sound like an oxymoron. However, if you look at providing consistency in the areas of onboarding and management, and offering variety in the level of participation, contribution, and positive surprises, you are meeting both needs. This may mean more collaboration between hiring agents, and HR and management, which may be easier said than done.

As humans, what can you do to attract the type of employee you desire, broadly? What characteristics do they possess and how can you target that type of person, regardless of résumé? Of course you want someone who can do the task at hand, but what would happen if you hired someone based on a company cultural fit rather than only a person who can do a task? Our hiring and training process must become a broader picture of the type of consistency and variety that appeals to top talent, and create a work environment that keeps the person engaged, happy and golden handcuffed to our workplaces.

What can you do today in your employee onboarding process to attract and retain the types of employees you truly desire?

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