Denver Employment Agencies Seek New Transplants to Fill Workforce

Colorado has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. This may be why it is also reported that Denver is growing – an expected 5 million people moving here within the next 2 years. Denver employment agencies are looking for high quality candidates to fill positions across then area.

According to Denver’s KDVR television, 5 areas in the greater metro region are predicted for largest population growth due in part to the new Light Rail services being offered to Denver International Airport and the jobs and homes in that area. It seems Denver employment agencies aren’t the only ones preparing for the influx of population- housing is back into full swing as well.

“Metro Denver’s low 3.2 percent unemployment rate, 1.1 percent income growth and strong home price appreciation put it first on Zillow’s “hottest housing markets” list for 2016.” SOURCE: The Denver Post, January 2016

Denver Employment Agencies Looking to Hire

Denver’s growth means more jobs and more jobs to fill. Denver employment agencies are seeing the largest growth in jobs in the following fields:

    • Construction
    • Health Care
    • Hotel
    • Food Service
    • Retail
    • Professional Services
    • Trade Services

The largest population of people entering the workforce that the Denver employment agencies are seeing, include millennials. With Denver attracting younger, active start-ups, finding quality candidates will be the top priority. This blend, of energetic start-ups and millennials entering the job pool, will likely create a boom in Denver that will really define it as a city of significance in the business world.

“Compared with the national average, Metro Denver’s employment growth in 2015 was more than 1.1 percentage points higher at 3.2 percent…” SOURCE: Metro 2016 Economic Forecast

Denver’s Strong Job Economy

Denver employment agencies are seeing strong hiring trends, and those don’t seem to be stopping. With more and more top companies choosing Colorado, and the Greater Denver Area as home to their headquarters, it just makes sense that people are moving here and seeking employment. Colorado used to be a hot spot for military jobs, and that is shifting heavily. Some of our largest employers include:

    • The University of Colorado
    • Lockheed Martin Space Systems
    • Peterson Air Force Base
    • Denver International Airport
    • And more

In addition to large employers, new businesses are making national growth lists including:

    • Home Advisor
    • OtterBox
    • Tender Belly
    • And More

These Fortune 500 companies and Top Employers are calling Denver home and the Denver employment agencies couldn’t be happier. They want to fill the staffing needs of these companies and make it a win-win situation for the economy for all.

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