Colorado Jobs in 2018 and How to Get One

In January 2018, Colorado’s minimum wage will be increasing to $9.30 hour. This will have an impact on Colorado jobs especially in fields that rely heavily on minimum wage workers, such as in food service, janitorial, and personal care services (Source: PEW Research). Colorado jobs in cannabis are also increasing and are projected to surpass manufacturing jobs by 2020, according to Forbes Magazine.

Colorado jobs that rely more heavily on degree earners, high-tech, and skilled labor are also growing with companies like Amazon, HomeAdvisor, and other technology-based companiesmoving into the area.

Because Colorado has a low unemployment rate, employers are finding it more difficult than usual to find good talent because everyone is working! (These factors are having an impact on staffing solutions with Colorado agencies, too.) This is great news for Colorado job seekers as they can passively look for new employment to find the type of work that is best for them.

Here are some tips to help you as a passive (or active) job seeker to snag one of the many Colorado jobs, or to change jobs, in 2018:

Keep a current résumé. Update your résumé to include your current work, accomplishments and skills. Often people wait until they leave a job to update their résumé to include current work. By doing it now, you will have it ready to go when an opportunity arises.

Register with a Colorado staffing agency. Unlike posting on LinkedIn or a job board, registering with an employment agency is confidential and allows you to see opportunities that may not be available to the general job-seeking public.

Update your LinkedIn profile. Like your résumé, potential employers may recruit you through your LinkedIn profile. Fill in every area possible with your skills, experience, references and endorsements as well as interests.

Know your job/career vision. Get clear about what opportunities you are and aren’t interested in, so you can make a clear, focused decision if one presents itself. This will save you time and mental energy that you may put into a job lead that really doesn’t fulfill your vision.

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