Best Work-From-Home Jobs Hiring Right Now

The remote workforce grew significantly in the last year as many businesses were either mandated to close or chose to distance by using home-based employees. Not all jobs have the option of being remote, but many have been adjusted to allow it. But it isn’t just workers that were pushed from corporate desks to home offices, new jobs were created as a result of the pandemic, and many of them are work-from-home jobs. Staffing agencies lead the charge in helping employees find work through these difficult times. 

Work-From-Home IT Support

It’s no surprise that the demand for IT support employees boomed within the last year. Companies and organizations (like educational institutions) had to utilize new technology to keep moving forward. This put high demand on the need for technological-based support. These systems may have been in place on a smaller scale but very quickly needed to be expanded.

For some, no pre-existing support or technology was in place, and IT professionals were needed to help research and implement these new processes, platforms, and systems. As organizations implemented these new technologies, IT support was once again needed to help with the learning curve of new users and working out the bugs as the systems scaled up for full commerce.

Today, these IT help desk positions troubleshoot company issues for remote computers through screen sharing or over the phone, and the demand for this skillset is high.

Work-From-Home Call Center/CSR

Another position that grew in demand and is a great work-from-home job is that of a call center customer service representative. Many companies need online or phone support for customers who cannot come into a physical location. In this position, the employee would address and solve customer issues like paying a bill, troubleshooting and explaining products or services for sales.

Other Potential Work-From-Home Jobs

Any job that is online-based or includes computer-heavy work where an office location isn’t necessary could become a work-from-home job. These jobs may include content writing, social media management, graphic designer, data entry, and more.

Now that organizations have more experience with the technology, needs, and management of a remote workforce, it is likely that more positions will be available to those looking for work-from-home jobs. If you are looking for this type of work, be open with your prospective employer, asking if remote work is an option – you may be surprised by the answer.


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