Develop Trending Skills and Current Skills with These 5 Tips

Cleaning up your resume and learning or building your skills is important for job seekers looking to land their dream job. Using the right words, your resume will help you be found, and being able to demonstrate certain skills in your interview will aid you in moving forward.  

In this blog post, you will learn how to put your skills to use, how to develop new skills and discover what skills are trending. We offer tips for incorporating them into your job search as well, so you can find employment success! 

Trending Work Skills to Have 

Skills you learn at work that can apply across a large variety of careers are considered transferable skills and are of high value. Come up with examples of each of these skills you possess and how you can demonstrate them. Be sure to draw attention to them on your resume, especially if you are changing industries. 

Effective Communication

Communication is important in every work environment. Within diverse workforces, communication is critical to support goals and outcomes, work well with your team, and ultimately meet client needs. Develop this skill with training courses on interpersonal and personal development, emotional intelligence, active listening, and of course, communication. 

In your resume, use words like professional communication, customer communication, teamwork, active listening, and the like. Mention courses or certificates obtained specifically around interpersonal communication and development. 


Empathy is a trending skill that employers are looking for in our highly digitized environment. While face-to-face interactions are not always possible or preferred, empathy must be able to be expressed in all interactions. 

During your interview, think about stories that demonstrate scenarios where you used empathy to work better within a team or better support a customer’s needs. Use wording on your resume such as respect, diversity, collaboration, “demonstrating empathy to support …”. 

Critical Thinking

Being proactive is a top indication of critical thinking skills. Critical thinking allows employees to see solutions and is a skill that is transferable both in and outside the workforce! Solution-focused thinking plays a large role in leadership and is therefore valued in helping you be promoted. 

Use wording that includes: solution-focused, positive attitude, adaptable, flexible, agile, growth mindset, creative, innovative. Be ready to back any of these with real-life examples. 

Where to Learn Job Skills 

If you need to learn or brush up on these skills, consider workshops or webinars you can take that offer skill-building. You can also ask your employment agency if they have resources in the skill areas you want to develop. 

Temporary work positions are a great way to build your resume with transferable skills, especially in a new career or industry. Additionally, your future employer may be able to invest in more training opportunities for you if you communicate an openness to training and development. 

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