5 Tips for Overcoming an Employment Gap

Employment gaps can signal to a company that something isn’t quite right. Some companies even view it as a red flag and may not consider you for an interview. How do you reenter the workplace successfully when you’ve had a gap in employment? Here are our top tips:

Overcoming an Employment Gap Tip 1: Seek out a staffing agency

First, enlist the help of an employment agency. Not only can a staffing agency help you reenter the workforce, they are helpful for breaking into a new industry. Building a relationship with a staffing agency allows you to get matched with the right companies that can use your skills so you can start building your resume and update your knowledge.

The recruiter’s goal is to find top talent for their hiring companies, so they will determine your competencies and give suggestions for how to build them.

Overcoming an Employment Gap Tip 2: Build your network

Your network consists of those you have worked with in the past, those you meet in networking events, and your staffing company. Use personal connections to reach the right people who are looking for an employee like you!

Networks also include your social media. Update your profiles, especially on professional platforms such as LinkedIn. Share your work history as well as what you are looking for in a new position. Your next job is likely to come through connections who already know, like, and trust you.

Overcoming an Employment Gap Tip 3: Research

Research the industry you are interested in to discover what is trending or marketable in your job history and skills. This can help you to highlight the areas of competency in your resume.

For example, reading the desired skills in a job post can give you the language to use when writing a cover letter or resume for that position. If the job calls for knowledge with Microsoft Suite, specifically note that on your resume.

Overcoming an Employment Gap Tip 4: Learn a new skill

In your research, you may find you have some educational gaps. Consider brushing up on your skills with free or low-cost classes. See what skills are in the highest demand and add those to your education and resume.

List any new classes, courses, credentials, or certifications you have received that are up-to-date and relevant for the positions you are interested in on your resume and job applications.

Overcoming an Employment Gap Tip 5: Update your resume

Update your resume with your most current contact information and job experience. In your cover letter, explain why you had an employment gap if it’s appropriate.

Post your resume on websites such as Indeed and Zip Recruiter. Even if you don’t apply to specific jobs, your resume is searchable by staffing companies and hiring agents looking for your skills. Include links to your professional social media profiles, especially if they contain a portfolio or body of work.

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