4 Tips for Preparing for a New Job in 2019

With the chant of “Happy New Year” still in the air, you may be thinking 2019 is finally your time to snag your dream job (or at least move out of one that’s no longer satisfying). Whether it’s been a long time, or still rather recently that you’ve been on the search, a brush-up on some tips is likely in order.

Clean Up Your Resume

Review your resume and make sure it is up-to-date including your most recent job, duties, accomplishments, awards, and more. Use language in your resume that matches what employers are using in their ads for the positions you are applying for, as often resumes are scanned for specific words. Make sure your references are prepared to receive calls and that their contact information is still valid.

Edit Your Online Profile(s)

In addition to cleaning up your resume, you should review your online profiles for accuracy and privacy. Your potential employer may search for you online, so be certain what they see is professional and congruent with your resume. LinkedIn and any employment sites should include your most recent contact information.

Review Your Skills

As you update your resume and research position openings, note any skill gaps and consider what education or training you may need. Consider online courses or certifications that can help you obtain the job you desire. Often even being enrolled in a training will be to your benefit when applying.

In addition to job skills, you may also want to brush up on interviewing skills.

Consider Using a Staffing Agency

staffing agency can help with job placement by offering services and support in finding the right employment fit and access to jobs not publicly available. Some of these services include resume review, interviewing tips, and identifying skill gaps and potential training opportunities.

Staffing agencies have evolved through the years, just as technology has grown. Proactive in partnering employers and employees, they can place candidates in a wide range of industries, pay scales, employment levels, and employment freedoms (permanent, temp, temp to hire, contract, etc.) that weren’t previously available.

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