4 Tips for Making a Good Impression with Your Job Candidate

Recently in the news, we’ve heard of a job candidate being turned down for an interview because they asked the salary range, and as a long-time staffing agency in our industry, we’ve seen a lot, too. While the search for culture-fit employees is important and may be attractive to younger generation job seekers, it may not be the best PR for your company. These steps, along with some other candidate filtering strategies, makes for a poor job applicant experience and impression. Your reputation matters, so here are four suggestions for keeping your recruiting PR in check.

1. Be upfront in your job posting.

It may not make sense to state the pay level, but providing a range is appropriate. For example, if a candidate is expecting a salary of $50,000 and it is about $24,000 to $30,000, you likely will be wasting your time interviewing candidates who wouldn’t accept the job offer. A salary range helps job seekers and you before time is spent on a useless hiring process.
If you absolutely can’t give a range, ask the clients in the application stage what they are looking for in a salary range, so you have an expectation of whether they would be likely to move forward if given the opportunity. It may be an appropriate time to see what other items are important to them as well, so you know how to negotiate later.

2. Keep it simple.

A job posting is an ideal time to let the potential job candidate get a feel for the culture of the business. State the traits desired in an applicant while also being upfront about the qualifications. It isn’t fair for the job seeker to jump through hours of questionnaires and assessments only to find out that, without a degree, he or she is not a match.  Filter unqualified applicants out as early as possible and save you, and them, a headache.

3. Be kind.

Set up an autoresponder, so the candidates are aware their application, resume, and other information is received. Several times we hear candidates state they don’t know whether their information made it to the intended target or just disappeared into a virtual trashcan.
Most applicants understand that they won’t hear from an employer unless they are moving forward; however, a simple, “received” gives confidence that they are more than just another email form. It’s tough out there in the employment world — what can you do to show some kindness?

4. Follow a good onboarding process.

Once hired, go through a solid onboarding process. Employees who clearly understand their role, their expectations, and the culture, are more likely to stay around. Natural attrition happens in every enterprise, but the ability to reduce turnover is good business.

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