4 Signs That It’s Time to Leave a Change Job

The average employee changes jobs on average about 12 times in his or her life, with nearly half of those being between the ages of 18 to 24 (Source:n The Balance). The era of lifelong careers has faded. With more baby boomers leaving and more millennials arriving into the job market over then next decade, we can expect to see even more of this and the growing need for staffing solutions, unlessn employers act and learn how to motivate employees to stay.

Can you identify with these four reasons why people leave their employment?

    1. You are financially motivated. You may want to make more money or receive better benefits. You may want to work closer to home or have more flexibility with your hours. More money doesn’t always mean you will be happier with your job, but if the job change creates other desired shifts such as a shorter or less expensive commute or the opportunity to work-from-home, it may be the change you are desire.
      Before jumping ships for financial reasons, test out your theory. What else will be changing? Will you now need to bring lunch or buy? Will you be paying for parking or transportation? What other impacts on your finances are you looking for the change to bring?
    2. The future looks bleak. Technology is moving faster than ever before, which means new positions, such as ‘app developer’ are being created, while others are thinning or going away. This may seem a strange concept, but when was the last time you saw a job posting for a milkman or switchboard operator? Do they still exist? Yes, but they don’t exist at the same degree or level that they once did.
      For this reason, being honest about the future of your career is important. You may decide to return to school and pursue something new or use your transferrable skills to find a new career. The US Department of Labor Statistics offers tons of information about the outlook on a variety of careers for jobseekers. A career coach can also support you in this area.
    3. Your interests have changed.  If you have been in your career for a long time, your life and lifestyle likely have changed, too.n Your family or home may have grown, or you may now be an empty-nester and have new priorities. Consider how your ideal job would look if you prioritized your changed interests.You may have taken on a new hobby that brings more balance to your life, and your job needs to follow suit. Determine if your current position can accommodate these changes. If not, consider what type of employment would.
    4. You are burnt out.  There are times in life where we just stressed or burn out. It could be personal dynamics at play or just the day-to-day stress of the career you have chosen. You may be able to modify the work you do or change positions to resolve this, but if your work situation is unsafe (emotionally or physically), it is time to go. Hostile work environments are never appropriate and your health and well-being come first.

      Consider finding work you enjoy again that is a better fit.


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