3 Tricks Staffing Agencies in Denver Use to Find Quality Candidates

Doing it Right the First Time

Screening of candidates is one of the most important tricks staffing agencies in Denver use to find high quality employees. Many employers screen based on the employees past experience, but overlook personality, which can speak volumes ton the candidate’s actual ability. With screening, staffing agencies in Denver support business owners in finding people who meet then values and culture of the company. The value match will help retain the employee longer and be a better fit than simply skill set alone. Screening is doing it right the first time.


By creating relationships with organizations that attract valuable human capital, we are able to pull from a large pool of candidates to help a variety of businesses fulfill their staffing needs. When staffing agencies in Denver utilize their large networks, they are able to provide the best candidates for each unique position. Most companies don’t have access to such a large network of job seekers, and therefore are only considering a small section of applicants at any given time.

Our marketing efforts attract quality candidates with diverse languaging and specific wording. Our tried and true system for speaking to a broad range of talent, brings a wider sweep of candidates to your employment pool.

An Expert Eye

Staffing agencies in Denver have perfected the skill of hiring. It’s what we do exclusively, while business owners, managers and supervisors likely wear several hats. We are able to do an objective evaluation of candidates and look for the best traits to fit the required position.

Most managers only hire as a small part of their job, especially in smaller companies. Because of this, they may rush through the hiring process ton simply cross it off their list and get a “warm body” into the open position.

Several research studies show that replacing an employee can range from 35-150% of the employee’s annual salary. These high costs can effect a company’s bottom line and make finding the perfect employee for the job highly important. An expert eye allows a consistent experience which results in better hiring. Better hiring leads to less turnover and higher employee and employern satisfaction.

Looking for staffing agencies in Denver to help you fill your human capital needs? CNS would like to continue the conversation and learn more about your staffing needs. Contact us today and we will help you find a perfect employee.

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