3 Reasons and Tips For Updating Your Resume Today (Even if You Aren’t Job Searching)

3 Reasons and Tips For Updating Your Resume Today (Even if You Aren’t Job Searching)

It may seem silly to update your resume if you aren’t job searching, but we have some pretty good reasons why doing it today is important. Most people wait until they are switching jobs or looking to make a change and start applying for work. Because some great, and unexpected opportunities can arise at any time, having an up-to-date resume on hand can be a game changer. Here are some reasons to update your resume today, as well as some tips to make it better than ever.

Reason 1: To act quickly

Employers are busy, and when they have a position to fill, they want to do it quickly and efficiently. This includes sorting through applicants and getting interviews scheduled in a short timeline to reduce downtime created from the employment gap.

Onboarding can take time, so getting qualified applicants is important. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to snag your dream job because your resume doesn’t show your most current information.

Resume Tip 1: Update your resume every 6-12 months

Updating your resume every 6-12 months allows you to get your most recent and valuable experience listed, including new training/knowledge, skills, or awards. Waiting longer than that means you may forget.

Reason 2: Internal promotions

Sometimes the best employment opportunities exist within your current company. An updated resume can position you above outside applicants, as well as show off your skills and accomplishments within the company. It can be used to record your progress through your tenure when it is time for an evaluation and/or promotion.

Resume Tip 2: Use current, not outdated terminology

While talking about programs and systems that have passed may seem like it demonstrates knowledge, your employer wants to know what you are doing now that makes you an asset. Update the standard information such as your address, phone number, and e-mail address, but also include social links. Kill skills that are no longer relevant and share more about what you are passionate about.

Reason 3: Peace of mind

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law – that if anything can go wrong, it will? For example, if you plan for a flat tire, you won’t get one, but if you don’t, it is almost certain you will… This is the idea behind having peace of mind by updating your resume.

By having an updated resume, you create the mental attitude that you are ready if an opportunity becomes available, whether intentionally or not, and whether per your choice or not. Having a resume ready to forward or post at any given time will help prepare you if and when you decide it’s time.

Resume Tip 3: Use key terms

Instead of a “job objective”, use a “career summary” section to begin your resume. Include in this section key terms that either a human or computer would scan to determine eligibility. For example, if the position includes management, use management terms and other knowledge and skills that demonstrate your experience.

Use words that are found in the job advertisement and job description to guide you. Leave out mention of references (you will likely be asked for this already), and use the space to communicate your top, most relevant job information from the last 15 years and newer.

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