3 HUGE Reasons Why Your Company Should Use a Staffing Agency

There are so many moving parts to running a business, and hiring employees is one of the most time-consuming, yet important tasks. Staffing agencies are a great way to limit the amount of time it takes to find qualified candidates, while also reducing the expense associated with a bad hire. While time and money are huge motivators, we wanted to give you a few more reasons why successful businesses are leveraging staffing agencies in today’s market.


A Support for HR

Many small businesses just don’t have the need or budget to support a full HR department. This often means someone is pulling double duty, which isn’t a problem most days, but when there’s an employment vacancy, most of their work is put on hold to put out the fire of hiring. A staffing agency can then step in to help fill the gap with as much, or as little help as needed.

Even in larger companies where an HR department is in place, there are ways an employment agency will support them, including…

A Variety of Options

Sometimes when an employment vacancy is created, a temporary worker can be assigned to fill in the space until a permanent candidate is found. Sometimes the business decides to revamp the job title and may want to try it out with a temp-to-hire position. Other times, finding the right person for the position from a short list of highly qualified candidates is the best option. Through a partnership with a staffing company all these options are available, and quickly activated, unlike the hiring process without an agency.

Less Expensive in the Long Run

Fees are charged when using an agency, but there is tremendous value in the services they provide that make the fees just about moot. Consider the ways you can recoup the fees through:


  • Little to no production gap due to the vacancy being filled with a temporary employee,
  • Little or reduced productivity loss to managers having to stop their workload in exchange for hiring tasks (such as sorting through resumes, pre-qualifying candidates, performing excess interviews),
  • Better hire because it isn’t a hurried choice,
  • Better hire because placement is often backed by a guarantee,
  • Better hire because they are pre-screened (this can include obtaining required documentation and background checks), and
  • Reduced employment costs during employee’s trial period (staffing agency pays taxes and benefits until employee is hired as permanent).

If you haven’t considered leveraging the support of a staffing company when it comes to your hiring needs, we hope we changed your mind. Of course, if you have questions about how working with us for your specific needs looks, give us a call.


CNS is a leader in staffing, staff augmentation, and contract management by acting as a sole human resource provider for our clients. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on a bad hire. CNS has the experience, resources, and top-level management expertise to accomplish the tasks required on any size project. Contact us at 303-430-1441, and we’ll find you the best and brightest team.

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