3 Clues You Need Help with Hiring

Many small businesses struggle with HR tasks and hiring. It’s usually because they just are not big enough to have a full-time dedicated staff to handle all the changes in the industry. The person in charge of HR usually has other job responsibilities. Often, the person doing the hiring is the manager who will be overseeing them, and this person may not know how to properly interview or hire.

In a small business, where the staff is wearing multiple hats, it is easy for there to be frustration, confusion, and overlap – something new hires can see and/or feel. This lack of organization can lead to prospects not showing for interviews, not accepting the job offer, or them quickly exiting after hire. But, that is only one indication that you could use help with hiring. Here are 3 more:

Clue 1: High Employee Turnover

If you are finding that employees are not sticking around for very long, it may be that you are hiring the wrong type of person for the job. You may need to look at the job description and if it accurately matches the task and skills you are hiring for. You may also want to ask different questions to better identify your potential candidate’s ability to actually perform the tasks asked of them.

High employee turn-over could also be due to morale, poor process management, or some other unidentified cause. Conduct exit interviews on every employee and look for patterns.

Clue 2: Positions Sit Open for too Long

If you are having a hard time filling a position, it could be that it is not being promoted well, or you have the ad in a place where your ideal candidates will not find it.

Other times, you will get flooded with applicants for the first few days of the ad, only to sort through them and discover no valid candidate. This can be a waste of time, and cause the hiring manager to push it to a back burner, further allowing the position to stay open and unfilled.

Clue 3: There is a Lot of Transition in Your Company

Acquisitions, change in management, lay-offs, seasonal labor demand fluctuations – these all create transition, and that can make it difficult to navigate staffing. Those who are already wearing several hats may find themselves too busy to handle the hiring process, making the problem even worse.

Sometimes a key person leaves and needs to be replaced right away with a temporary solution until there is greater stability. And sometimes, job positions and titles need to shift to better serve the organization. This level of transition can create a lot of tension, but if handled well, can position the company for greater success than before the turbulence hit.

How a Hiring Firm Helps

When working with a hiring firm you are often guaranteed placement for a certain period of time for a placed employee. They are able to offer this because they spend the time to really understand the position, the culture of the company, and the most qualified candidates’ skill sets. Hiring firms know where to place ads and how to word them to attract the right clients. They also have a pool of candidates to pull from when they know they are a good fit for the position. Often, employment agencies screen the applicants as well, this way they present you with only the best, most qualified applicants.

Employment agencies are equipped to help with a full range of staffing services including recruiting, writing and placing the job ad, screening candidates, and even on-boarding to help the process be more consistent and compliant. They can also help with temporary staffing needs in times of change or fluctuations in labor demands.

Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) acts as a sole human resource provider for our clients. A leader in staffing, staff augmentation, and contract management, we have the experience, resources, and expertise to find you your next best hire. Contact us today at (303) 430-1441 to learn more.

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